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Imagine the combinations of data and analytic scenarios that could be derived from over 20 years of capacity transaction information on 87 major interstate pipelines. Capacity Center not only has the information in its databases, it has skilled analysts with years of experience to assist you in mining the information for your unique purposes.

We have worked on hundreds of custom reporting and analysis projects for subscribers and non-subscribers alike. The following is just a sampling:

  ♦  List report depicting all the capacity holders at constraint points and the volume, value and trading partners with whom they transacted.
  ♦  Benchmarked capacity release transactions for a PUC, assisting them in their review of an LDC to determine rate base impact.
  ♦  Benchmarked performances of potential asset management partners for an LDC, assisting them in their selection process.
  ♦  Analyzed the impact of current and future values of pipeline capacity for a pipeline acquisition due diligence project.
  ♦  Analyzed the impact of capacity values and flow volumes for a pipeline expansion project.
  ♦  Reported monetary impact and timeline of capacity contract expirations and researched renewal plans against competitive alternatives for a pipeline company and storage operator.
  ♦  Provided independent verification to a public company auditor of its client's capacity holdings and historic transaction values.
  ♦  Developed a competitive benchmarking report for a large merchant trading company.

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