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In addition to capacity information, through our parent company, Skipping Stone, we provide consulting services for a wide variety of clients in the Natural Gas Marketplace.

Our staff of analysts and consultants has worked with over a hundred clients on a wide variety of natural gas market and pipeline related reports and projects.

Following are some consulting engagement examples that demonstrate the breadth of our skills and the depth of our experience.


When experience matters...

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  ♦  FERC Proceedings - On behalf of a consortium of customers on a major southwest natural gas pipeline, we provided research, developed the intervention strategies and documentation and provided expert testimony to challenge the pipeline at the FERC. The efforts resulted in the consortium being allocated twice as much capacity as originally proposed, with no additional cost.
  ♦  M&A Support, Pipeline - As part of due diligence for a natural gas pipeline acquisition, we analyzed flow volumes, contracts and tariff structures and provided a detailed cash flow prediction model used to establish the final sales price. As a part of achieving regulatory approval, tariff charges across all customers were validated as being non discriminatory.
  ♦  M&A Support, Marketing & Trading - We have analyzed the entire portfolio of counterparty contracts, financial and physical positions, customer agreements, book structures, capacity contracts and provided due diligence support and detailed models on several acquisitions in this area.
  ♦  Pipeline Expansion Support - To determine market and economic viability, we constructed a numerical flow and pressure simulation model that also compared competitive alternatives and forecasted future flows to support the justification for a major pipeline expansion project.
  ♦  New Pipeline Development - We provided economic analysis, right of way planning, rate case filing, cost estimates, engineering plans (through a partner) and managed the entire process, including an open season and negotiation of shipper contracts, for a consortium of investors.
  ♦  Transaction Software Systems - We have assisted numerous clients in all phases, from system selection and implementation project management to troubleshooting and detailed design specifications for internal built systems. We are well versed with most of the leading vendor products.
  ♦  Gas Accounting & Reconciliation - On numerous occasions and for a variety of clients we have provided consulting services in this area from providing interim managers and personnel to untangling major messes for large audit firms. In addition, we have preformed process mapping and have trained existing personnel in this field from A to Z.
  ♦  Storage Facility Analysis - We have completed several projects in this area, including M&A support, market analysis, capacity analysis, regulatory proceedings and economic and flow modeling.

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